CS 216 Course Coverage Outline

This course at its core is an examination of abstraction and implementation.   We will look especially at the environment where high level language programs operate.  We will also look at different methods of implementing a Table (Dictionary) data structure.   Numerous small related topics will be covered.

NOTE: I expect to complete the material between two lines in a single day.



  1. Linked Lists
  2. IBCM Programming
  3. Testing of SubSort Function
  4. Linear Table
  5. Binary Trees
  6. Hash Table
  7. Red-Black Trees
  8. x86 Assembly
  9. Priority Queues


An interesting item might be how a debugger works.
How buffering within "cin" and "cout" works.
Also vectors and double ended queues might be interesting.
We've looked at data abstraction, how about algorithm abstraction?